Meaning of Ifádọ́wọ̀lẹmí

Ifa endowed me with respect.

Extended Meaning

This is the name of Chief Obala Ifádọ̀wọ̀lẹmí Àtìpó (1892-1985), a high chief of the town of Ilara Mokin. His father, famed game hunter of the town of Igbara Oke, Àtìpó Fálaè, and his wife, daughter of Oba Ojijigogun of Akure, could not have children, they went to the Ifá oracle, and asked for a child. A year later, the wife became pregnant and had a son. When the son was born, the father named him Ifadowolemi, because, the birth of a son was an endowment of honor and now everyone could now respect him. This is why his name is Ifádọ̀wọ̀lẹmí because Ifá da ọ̀wọ̀ lẹ mí Ifá- god of oracle da- gave; bestow ọ̀wọ̀- respect lẹ- on mí- me




ifá - Ifá divination/corpus/priesthood
dá - create
ọ̀wọ̀ - respect, regard
lé - on top of
mi - me


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Obala of Ìlárá Mọkin, Ifádọwọlẹmí Àtìpó (1892-1985)

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