Meaning of Echuyinka

Among practitioners of the Lucumí faith (formerly known as Santería), the belief is that Eshu Yinka means "the one (Eshu) that watches the road." This name is derived from the yorùbá "Ès̩ùúyínká" meaning, literally, "Ès̩ù (the yorùbá messenger deity) surrounds me." This can mean that the person was born into a family with many other devotees of the Yorùbá deity known as Èsù. It can also be a kind of prayer that Èsù surround and protect the individual.

Extended Meaning

The name is used in Cuba as well as in countries of the cuban diaspora such as Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, United States, Spain, Mexico, among others.




Ès̩ù - the yoruba messenger deity
- to turn, (first part of the splitting verb "yí-ká")
mi - first person pronoun, "me"
- around, (second part of the splitting verb "yí-ká"


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Eshuyinka, Echuyinka, Yínka, Èṣùyínká

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