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Brief Meaning: Returned from overseas.

Submitted by project@yorubaname.com


Brief Meaning: Enough for me as an oracle.

Submitted by kolatubosun@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: Came back from the mountain.

Submitted by kolatubosun@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: Big/old enough to have wealth.

Submitted by kolatubosun@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: God's word is the authority.

Submitted by akinoladavid.2002@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: [This is] enough for my honour.

Submitted by kolatubosun@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: (Great) enough for medicine.

Submitted by kolatubosun@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: Big.

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Brief Meaning: Enough for me.

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Brief Meaning: The lord's own trumphs.

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Brief Meaning: To the lords be glory.

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Brief Meaning: I belong to the lord.

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Brief Meaning: Comes to me.

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Brief Meaning:

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Brief Meaning: Puts hands into wealth.

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Ochún miguá

Brief Meaning: For practitioners of Cuban òrìs̩à tradition, which is the Yorùbá-based religious tradition that developed in Cuba, Ochún Miguá is said to mean "Oshún (a Yorùbá river deity) brought this one in her arms." It is used within the Cuban òrìṣà community as a possible name for initiates of that goddess. The equivalent Yorùbá name in West Africa is "Ò̩s̩únmúyìíwá," which means "Ò̩s̩un (a Yorùbá river deity) brought this one."

Submitted by iwindara@yahoo.com


Brief Meaning: Having a child is the greatest concern. [verification needed].

Submitted by bukibassey@gmail.com


Brief Meaning: Came to me. A short from of Akíntọ̀mídé, Oyètọ̀mídé, etc.

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Oñí ocán

Brief Meaning: Among the practitioners of Cuban Òrìs̩à tradition, Oñí Ocán is said to mean " heart of honey or sweetness." It is a name typically given to the initiates of Ochún/Oshún (Ò̩s̩un in Yorùbá language) This name is derived from the Yorùbá name "Oyínkán," which is the abbreviation of either "Oyínkánsádé" (honey dripped onto the crown - of our royal lineage) or "Oyínkánsó̩lá" (honey dripped onto wealth/nobility).

Submitted by iwindara@yahoo.com


Brief Meaning: Sufficient for me.

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Ocán tomí

Brief Meaning: It is said among devotees within cuban òrìs̩à tradition that the name means "water and heart," or, alternately, "heart of water." In yoruba language, the name is derived from several possibilities. Ò̩kántò̩mí is the abbreviation of Ò̩kántò̩míwá or Ò̩kántò̩mídé, meaning "one (child) came directly to me" or "one (child) arrived directly to me." It can be used to refer to a child born after one has attended a festival for devotion to a yorùbá deity praying for assistance with fertility. Another possibility is Ò̩kántómi, meaning "one is enough for me." It suggests that the mother or parents gave birth to a single child after many failed attemps or infant deaths. (àbíkú)

Submitted by iwindara@yahoo.com