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Among practitioners of Cuban Òrìṣà tradition known as Santería (Lucumí), the belief is that it means "the wandering prince." It is a name typically given to Ọbàtálá initiates in the Yorùbá-based religious tradition of Cuba.

Extended Meaning

Oddufora is the spelling used among practitioners of cuban orisa tradition for the name. It is one of the names among cubans given to an initiate of the deity Obatala. In Yorùbá language of southwestern Nigeria, the name "Odùúfowórà" is one associated with the deity Odùduwà. It is derived from "o̩mo̩ tí Odù (Odùduwà) fi owó rà," meaning "the child that Odùduwà purchased with money" (spent lavishly to obtain). It can also be spelled "Odùfoórà." This name was brought to my attention by Antón Vélez of Havana, Cuba.




Odù - the deity Odùduwà, the Ifá corpus
fi - to use
owó - money
- to buy, to purchase


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Odùfowórà, Oddufoora

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