Meaning of Àíkí

Someone with a prominent role (worthy of being greeted by prostrating).

Extended Meaning

'It is formerly called "Àyíkí: (a person you roll on the ground when you greet). The person that was first called the name is a warrior, hunter and herbalist. He always wins whenever he goes to war, so whenever they're back from the war, people troop out to welcome them. In the process, the will prostrate and start rolling on the ground. So whenever people want to describe him, the will say the man we roll on the ground to greet (Bàbá tí a máa ń yí kí). Thus Baba Àyíkí. The "Y" was removed later by his descendants, thus it is only Àíkí now.' Submission by Olúṣọlá Àíkí




- one who
yí - roll on the ground, prostrate
kí - greet, salute, pay homage to


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