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Meaning of Ọlọ́pàdé

The owner of the staff has arrived.

Extended Meaning

"Staff here is a symbol of a deity 'òrìsà oko', I think. In fact any Yorùbá name in which Ọpá features points at the family of the bearers as devotees of that deity." - Peter Akinlabí The name can also be interpreted as "the policeman has arrived", since ọlọ́pàá is a recent Yorùbá word for "policeman" who, in the early days of colonialism were noted for carrying batons. The baton, as the symbol of authority, can also let the name be interpreted as "the one with the authority" has come.




o - one who
ní - have, own
ọ̀pá - staff, baton
dé - arrive, return


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Famous Persons

Olúfúnmiláyọ̀ Ọlọ́pàdé, hematology oncologist, Associate Dean for Global Health and Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor in Medicine and Human genetics at the University of Chicago.

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